Why choose BBS for your global MBA: Unibo – The world’s oldest university

15 May 2023

The Alma Mater StudiorumUniversity of Bologna is the oldest university in the world today in activity. The foundation of the Studium is historically placed in 1088. By the early 1200s, it already had a thousand students, and the teachings of medicine and liberal arts, rhetoric and philosophy converged in the new university structure. In the Middle Ages, the Emilian city was a destination for students, including foreign ones; and during the 18th century, it was showing an early effort to overcome the dominant academic sexism: in 1732 a philosophy lecture was assigned for the first time to a young woman of twenty-one, Laura Bassi, to be followed by Faustina Pignatelli, Maria Gaetana Agnesi and many others.

Today, the University is constantly growing and developing: nearly one hundred thousand students per year (93753 students chose UniBo in A.Y. 2021/2022) [1], 31 departments, 5 Schools, 7 Interdepartmental Centers for Industrial Research, 98 libraries, more than 3000 faculty members. In this dynamic, multicultural and inclusive context, which has its origins in a centuries-old history, Bologna Business School is the University of Bologna‘s landmark for higher management education.

At BBS, academia and the business world converge in curricula directly linked to market-leading companies, often partners of the School, which influence their training paths and in which they seek their future managers. With its roots in Bologna, in one of Italy’s most productive regions (GDP 2022 grew by almost 4% and is estimated to grow more than the rest of Italy in 2023 as well, according to Emilia-Romagna Region data), with a cutting-edge manufacturing sector and a rapidly expanding tertiary sector, Bologna Business School is included in an incomparable company context. This is linked to the territory but with an international business direction, and it is led by world luxury brands, automotive blazons and leading companies in all market sectors, from automation to tourism, from luxury to new technologies.

BBS’s Global MBAs, thanks to innovative study paths that are open and focused on catching the transformations of a rapidly evolving business world, are part of a tradition that makes excellence, innovation and internationality the pillars of learning immediately convertible into operation. To turn one’s ambitions into reality, to transport a very long and rich history into the newest and most diverse work realities in Italy and around the world.

[1] https://www.unibo.it/it/ateneo/chi-siamo/luniversita-oggi-tra-numeri-e-innovazione


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