Welcome Global MBA

17 October 2019

The Welcome Day of the 2019/2020 academic year of the Global MBA is open with a treasure hunt through the streets of Bologna, a constructive game to enhance the desire for discovery and knowledge that is the basis of a stimulating training course and meetings, able to multiply the opportunities for professional and personal growth of students.

Twelve months to immerse yourself in the managerial world, guided by our Scientific Directors and by the experience of guests with the highest professional profile, in continuous contact with the most prestigious companies in the area.

The Global MBA boasts, in fact, a very wide network articulated in the various tracks of the master: from Ferrari to Lamborghini to Maserati, from Brunello Cuccinelli, to the Ferretti Group, from Amadori to Camst, to Banca Intesa to many other symbols of Italian excellence that students will know during the numerous company visits planned by the program.

“Experience is important, but we cannot always afford to learn in the field. Theories help us predict what will happen”. These are the words taken from the text “Get to grips with life” by Clayton Christensen, a professor of economics at Harvard Business School, which the students received with the entrance kit.

Solid bases, therefore, but also elasticity accompany the desire to grow, the desire to realize oneself and pursue one’s dreams.

Training is a reliable ally of this path: having a constantly evolving and curiosity background is the driving force that moves every day towards new goals, but only a solid theoretical and practical preparation allows you to get involved and face all the challenges that they occur along the way.


Global MBA class 2019/2020

Marcello Russo, Scientific Director of Global MBA

Our students during the meeting in the Sala del Ninfeo

A student of Global MBA


Federico Munari, Scientific Director of Global MBA – Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports

The Dean Massimo Bergami and Federico Munari


Ludovica Leone, Scientific Director of Global MBA – Food and Wine



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