The Global Economic Future Through the Lens of the Trento Economics Festival: Fabio Tamburini Presents the 19th Edition

25 March 2024

On March 20th at Villa Guastavillani, Fabio Tamburini, Director of Il Sole 24 Ore, Radiocor, and Radio 24, introduced to the BBS Community the themes and reflective prompts that will take centre stage at the upcoming Trento Economics Festival, now in its nineteenth edition. This year, from May 23rd to 26th, the Festival will examine and discuss the critical socio-economic events of our time, addressing highly relevant topics such as climate change, economic development, energy transition, public debt, and inflation.

This year’s edition is titled “QUO VADIS? The Dilemmas of Our Time,” reflecting the spirit with which the Festival was conceived: a profound reflection on the direction the economy, along with organizations and individuals, is taking in a time of significant global challenges. During the presentation, Tamburini highlighted the Festival’s unique value: “These are four extraordinary days of opportunities to discuss important subjects, including contrasting opinions.” Among the announced guests are U.S. General Petraeus and two professors from the Chinese Communist Party’s School. Thus, the Festival promises to provide insights from diverse perspectives, underscoring the diversity and richness of the debate.

The event, which also featured the participation of BBS Dean Max Bergami, touched on various aspects that engaged and interested the Community. Among these was the importance of leadership and how it is evolving in the current socio-economic context. According to Tamburini, we live in an era marked by a significant lack of established leadership figures, a theme that the Trento Festival aims to explore by comparing different views and perspectives. Another central theme addressed during the presentation was the balance between the West and the East, focusing on the growing economic and demographic importance of countries like China and India. This shift in global balance raises fundamental questions about the future of the world economy and the West’s role in a rapidly and continually evolving new scenario.

Furthermore, the crucial role of information and education in promoting greater awareness of globally relevant issues was emphasized. Information, in particular, emerged as an essential tool for fueling debate and stimulating critical reflection on our time’s central dilemmas.

Themes and insights that captivated the audience at Villa Guastavillani, particularly the students, who asked probing questions leading to reflections on topics such as the evolution of leadership, the impact of political correctness, and the challenges posed by the superficiality of information in the digital age. Among the issues raised was the perception of the West and the anti-Western sentiment in some public debates. Tamburini reflected on the complexity of this phenomenon, acknowledging legitimate criticisms of the West for some of its past policies. He stressed the need for deeper information that goes beyond prejudices and promotes a more balanced and nuanced understanding of global issues.

These moments of interaction enriched the event, opening a dialogue between the speaker and the audience, moderated by Dean Max Bergami. The students’ involvement and interest highlighted the importance of two-way communication in discussions on socio-economic relevance. This stimulated critical thinking and in-depth inquiry into issues that affect our world, setting the stage for an event marked by constructive discussion and collective growth.

The event thus offered valuable insights for better understanding the challenges facing the world of economics and society in general, emphasizing the importance of open and inclusive dialogues like the one promoted by the Trento Economics Festival. These meetings, proposed by the School to students, faculty, alumni, and staff, represent a unique opportunity to reflect on the future we wish to build in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.


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