The competitive advantage through the Supply chain

20 November 2019

Supply chain indicates the flow of materials that flows along the industrial chain. Its management has the fundamental purpose of improving the efficiency of the company and the level of satisfaction of customer needs.

The “supply chain and operations” field includes three business functions: procurement, production and logistics. It is therefore evident that the decisions concerning these problems are fundamental in all sectors: from those of consumer goods to instrumental ones, from B2C to B2B, in industrial companies as well as in services.

“Those attending the Supply Chain and Operations Executive Master want to acquire skills that allow to better the flow of materials and information, as well as the processes and relationships that involve the various actors involved in the industrial chain” explains Andrea Zanoni, Scientific Director of the Master.

An efficient process of supply chain and operations guarantees a position of competitive advantage as it allows to optimize resources and their use, to avoid waste and to satisfy the customer by responding to the demand and the needs of the market in the shortest possible time.

The main objective is to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, pursuing the improvement of the level of service and the reduction of costs.


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