Sustainable innovation through technological excellence

22 January 2024

Sustainable innovation is a priority for companies that want to drive their business into the future. With increasing environmental worries and the growing pressure to reduce the negative impact of human activities on the planet, many companies are seeking to apply new technologies that transform their practices into a set of ethical and ecologically sustainable behaviors.

Attempting to strike a balance between technological progress, environmental preservation and ecological and social sustainability, companies are investing in innovative solutions that can meet the present requirements without compromising the necessary resources for the future.

A key factor in this process is technological excellence, the ability to develop and use cutting-edge technologies to create products and manage efficient services, with low environmental impact, and respectful of the social context.

Managing technological innovation toward sustainability requires different skills: it is necessary to train leaders who can understand and manage both technical and managerial aspects of transformation processes in the company. This means having a holistic strategic vision, understanding how applications of new technologies can bring value to the company, and being able to identify the opportunities they offer. The manager able to lead companies in a transition that tends to sustainability must know how to evaluate, plan the implementation of new technologies, and manage the change they bring: new organizational dynamics, and emotional stress. This new manager, equipped with strong leadership, must know how to guide employees through big changes, communicating with them clearly and supporting them during the transitions.

Bologna Business School, always at the forefront of the development of leadership, technological innovation and sustainability, has created a unique path to train managers capable of leading companies that want to bring technological excellence to the center of the business innovation process: the Sustainability and Business Innovation Executive Master.
The goal of this 12-month, part-time Master’s program, designed to be compatible with intense work activities, is to grow professionally and become part of a technical-managerial elite able to make a deep impact on all levels of one’s company.

The governance of technological innovation requires collaboration, networking, and stakeholder engagement. The manager capable of taking a company to its full potential while balancing profit, environmental stewardship, and social welfare is a key resource that will be in high demand by all market sectors.

Technical knowledge, managerial skills and leadership qualities are the pillars of the manager who will lead organizations and companies toward social responsibility and sustainability, innovating and creating shared value for the company and society.

The Sustainability and Business Innovation Executive Master is the best educational answer to this pressing market request.
Bologna Business School has been able to anticipate a need, developing a new professional figure that will become essential in all companies that want to project themselves into the future.

Learn about the BBS Master’s program with a focus on sustainability and new technologies:

Sustainability and Business Innovation Executive Master


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