Sustainability in Action: Global MBA Students Discover the Sustainable Initiatives of the City of Bologna

1 March 2024

Insights from the visit of the Global MBA students specializing in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses to the City of Bologna.

Under the guidance of Prof. Christophe de Charentenay, students had the opportunity to discover the green and sustainable initiatives that characterize the city of Bologna.

Bologna, with its rich history, culture, and a growing commitment to green policies, offers a unique context to enrich the learning experience of the Master’s students. The city becomes a laboratory where the theories of sustainability and green energy discussed in the classroom can come to life, confirming the importance of the practical application of the knowledge acquired during the Global MBA.

During the visit, the conversation with Councillor Anna Lisa Boni unveiled various projects to transform Bologna into an increasingly green and sustainable metropolis. Among these, initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, promoting sustainable mobility, and improving the quality of urban life stood out, offering students valuable insights into how sustainable strategies can be effectively implemented at the metropolitan level.

One of the highlights of the visit was the students’ presentation of the “Low Carbon” project to Councillor Boni. This project, which participants carried forward in groups through proposals aimed at reducing the city’s carbon footprint, highlighted the main strengths of the collaborative approach between academia and public institutions.

The correlation between the theory learned during Prof. de Charentenay’s Green Strategy course and its practical applications emerges strongly from the experience of this company visit. These occasions allow students to see the strategies discussed in the classroom in action and better understand the challenges and opportunities related to their implementation. Therefore, participating in initiatives like this represents an undeniable added value for the training of Global MBA students, preparing them to become leaders capable of driving change towards a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, the visit to the City of Bologna proved to be an essential educational experience, indissolubly linking theory to practice and underscoring the importance of innovation and critical thinking in sustainability. The students return to their academic activities with a new perspective on effectively applying the lessons learned toward positively impacting the world.


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