[students’ journal] Juan Pablo Figueroa: “My view is now global”

8 August 2017

My name is Juan Pablo Figueroa Consigliere and I am from Chile. I am here to pursue my Global MBA in Innovation Management. I am 34 years old married with two kids of 4 and 3 years old.

After 8 years of working experience I understood that a successful professional has to go through an academic update: there are new management trends and tools that didn’t exist when I graduated from University. The combination of working experience and new management knowledge really add value for both the person and the company.

The world is now digital and I did my search for academic options through the Internet. The one-year Global MBA program at Bologna Business School was really attractive for me as it allows a professional to improve his skills and experience in a shorter period of time than other programs of 2 years. Also the University of Bologna has a long tradition, as the oldest University of the world; this directly relates to the high level of professors and speakers that we have had during this year.

Personally I found Bologna as a friendly city; the size is neither big nor too small to be bored and has an active cultural life. The people are very nice and always interested to know more about you; in my case all the people that I have met showed the disposition to help. Bologna represents the Italian tradition and cultural heritage, and still, in spite of its history, is not crowded by tourists.

At BBS I found myself in a very innovative environment, it is a Business School which is always looking at what is coming next. All the staff of BBS is committed to be sure that everyone’s experience is good. The program is very well designed in terms of workload, with a high level of professors form University of Bologna and top managers from companies. It is a privilege to be in the one of the most economically important regions of Italy and visit leader companies in the world.

The biggest contribution Bologna Business School has given me is the way of thinking. My view is now global, which lets me think out of the box thanks to the people I met, new business models I learned and new technology I saw, during our visits to the companies.

Juan Pablo Figueroa Consigliere – Chile
Global MBA Innovation Management / Mechanics & Automation – Class of 2016/2017



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