Simone Calza, Master in Finance and Fintech

16 September 2020

Simone Calza, electronic engineer with a passion for finance, found in BBS the type of training he was looking for. The Full-time Master in Finance and Fintech exceeded his expectations and enabled him to combine his passions and skills both in finance and technology.

Tell us about your professional career.

In September 2018 I graduated in Electronic Engineering with an experimental thesis developed in collaboration with the Electromagnetic Field Department of the Roma Tre University. At the same time, I had the chance to acquire a considerable experience in the field of investments. In 2013 I’d started investing money independently. In 2016, together with a group of qualified and motivated investors, I created an investment fund in which I still have an active position as for the management of the main investment, research, and coordination activities. During my studies, I had the possibility of developing various skills in the management field, thanks to several different jobs in the Food & Beverage industry, starting from 2009, with collaborations that are still undergoing. I decided to add an important step to my professional training in 2019, and I enrolled at the Master in Finance and Fintech at Bologna Business School.

Why did you decide to continue your education and how did you choose BBS?

Thanks to my different work experiences and projects in the financial/managerial field that I developed over these past few years, I decided to continue my studies in the area I’m most passionate about. This desire led me to look for a master’s that combined all the facets of both my passions and the skills I’ve already acquired, thanks to my studies and work. As soon as the new Finance&Fintech Master’s was launched at Bologna Business School, I immediately realized it was exactly what I was looking for. A master’s that’s been devised and developed from a managerial point of view, that aims at combining and developing the fields I was and I am most passionate about, technology and finance. The perfect and exhaustive educational program offered by Bologna Business School for this master’s immediately convinced me there were no alternatives, it was definitely the master’s I wanted to attend. To date, having completed the training part of the course, I can honestly say it was one of the best choices I made in my life.

According to you, what are the Master’s strengths?

The program features a complex structure with a mix of exams that leads you to precisely achieve the skills that the master’s, from the very beginning, has in terms of goals. The Finance & Fintech master’s aims at training professional figures able to link the Tech departments with the Finance ones and the goal is more than met. The structure and links among the different exams are devised to reach this goal in the most intuitive and exhaustive way possible, giving students the possibility to obtain not only a mastery of the subject from a managerial point of view, but most of all a very technical level of knowledge of both the IT and Finance worlds. The connections between the worlds of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Big Data with the most important finance application fields is greatly evolving and the master’s is able capture and deal with its main aspects.

What would you suggest to a future BBS student?

At the end of my experience at BBS, I found myself not only with a level of preparation that exceeded my expectations, but also part of a real community. Starting from the course itself, that pushes you to work as a team with your fellow students because of a very intense exam schedule, 50% of which is made of group projects. Additionally, the direct relationships with the faculty and the fact of sharing courses with other Masters’ gives you the chance of exchanging views and have a direct dialogue with all the BBS members, making you feel like an active part not only of your course, but of the entire structure. Also, thanks to various training and work projects organized internally by BBS, I had the chance to meet and become friends with several students, who had had different academic journeys and with different nationalities. In this sense, the educational and cultural experience offered by BBS exceeded my expectations under all points of views.

Simone Calza – Italy

Full-time Master in Finance and Fintech – Classe 2019/2020


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