Rèka Karetka- Ülkei
Professional Master in Digital Marketing and Communication

27 May 2022

An alumna of the Professional Master in Digital Marketing and Communication, Réka is undertaking her Internship at the media agency Initiative. We asked her to give us her perspective on the Master and the interdisciplinary nature that characterizes it.

Digitization is, along with sustainability, one of the key factors for the economic and social development of the Planet. How much did this kind of consideration influence your choice of the Master’s program?

Digitization and sustainability are both inevitable factors in today’s society. The aspect of digitization has played a massive role in my choice of the program. Even before the pandemic, things had already started shifting in that direction, and when Covid-19 did arrive, it left no other route. I truly believe that digital and technological development will increasingly gain prominence. For this reason, choosing this program is an excellent opportunity for the future. 

The type of specialization offered by the Master opens up many possibilities, both in traditional companies and in hi-tech agencies. Which path has opened, or do you hope will open for you?

The master’s program offers a wide range of options for everyone with different interests and skillsets. Everyone can try themselves in various fields of the Digital marketing sphere. From the beginning of my master’s, I have wished to witness the life of an agency in person because the diverse and fast-paced atmosphere attracted me. This desire of mine became true when I started my journey in the media agency Initiative in Milan, allowing me to take the first and, more importantly, most crucial step in my career since I found what I was looking for and enabling me to profoundly evolve on a professional and personal level. After my time at Initiative, I am looking for the next great challenge and hopefully continuing the path in another agency, which has started with the master and the internship.

The strong interdisciplinary nature of the course, which is a characteristic of BBS, greatly emphasizes the role of marketing and communication as a strategic meeting point between the different areas of the company. Have you had the opportunity to verify this aspect concretely? If not, how do you imagine it could apply to your future work?

As mentioned before, the interdisciplinary nature of the master’s helps everyone to find the most suitable career path for them or even to try out several different ones. During the courses, many aspects are explained to the students in-depth, which helps them get to know the field and even navigate their future. Most of the courses have diverse objectives, and each of them showed something new to get the full picture. In my case, I had already had a strong starting point in a specific area, however, the courses have widened and deepened my knowledge and desire to pursue a career in this direction.

Which practical skills have you acquired that show the approach oriented to transforming theoretical knowledge into practical activities proposed by the Master?

The most important practical skill I was able to acquire was transforming theoretical knowledge into ideas and presenting these. The approach of not just understanding the concepts but putting them into real-life examples boosted my professionalism. Moreover, the various presentations have enhanced my confidence in developing ideas and communicating them. For example, the marketing strategy we created for Ducati or the website development from scratch were invaluable experiences as a student. 


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