Quarantine memories: (re)inventing the future

12 June 2020

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”, was one of the sentences pronounced by Davide Dattoli, that most impressed Reihaneh Eshraghi, participant of the Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses.
During the leadership talk with the CoFounder and CEO of Talent Garden, according to Forbes among the most influential entrepreneurs under 30, Reihaneh could reflect on the challenges that managers of the future will face, in the post-covid era.

“The GMBA candidates had the chance to listen to his inspiring entrepreneurship path. A young entrepreneur, aged twenty and coming from a small city in Northern Italy (Brescia), entered the business world with an innovative idea. According to Forbes, he is one of the most influential entrepreneurs under thirty. Davide believes that Europe is fragmented and that talents need to connect. This is where he had the idea to design the Talent Garden and its core business model focused on empowering the people into a digital world. This is how it has inspired and attracted talents”

To Davide Dattoli, the most challenging part of creating a start-up is to build the right team: “a team – added Reihaneh – with the same vision towards the idea, a team who believes in a bigger mission than the business ideas and a team who knows the idea’s core value. Nevertheless, according to the young entrepreneur of Talent Garden, dreaming big and having a large target for the future of the new business is of fundamental importance. Yet, he insists on the fact that it is important to start with a focused target and to expand it to a larger scale. Talent Garden, with this focused target, started in Brescia and is now present in eight European countries through twenty-six campuses”.

“What will happen to companies after the health emergency that has redefined priorities and balances? Davide believes that Covid-19 will positively accelerate the advantages of a Co-Working. During Covid-19 pandemic people truly felt the need of having flexible places for the work. Although safety became a more crucial factor in working places, people don’t want to work in crowded places anymore but meanwhile are willing to be part of a community for networking”.

Finally, to Davide’s point of view, the business should be considered as the tool to inspire people. However, it can be considered as the challenging part of any entrepreneurship journey. Davide Dattoli truly discovered the importance of empowering talents by creating a suitable place to connect and to do network. Furthermore, Bologna Business School empowered its GMBA candidates as well by connecting us to the most inspiring talents. They give us several opportunities to interact with them and knowing their journeys give us enough courage to take our steps stronger. Join the BBS community if you believe in empowering your talents by connecting to the others”.


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