Professional Master Digital Marketing and Communication – The Program Advisory Board

10 May 2023

The Professional Master in Digital Marketing & Communication challenges the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing: social media, communication plans, content creation and performance evaluation are some of the research areas for which Bologna Business School‘s Professional Master in Digital Marketing and Communication, full-English, composed by two classroom lecture cycles and a final internship, aspires to transmit theoretical as much as operational knowledge.

In this direction, a peculiar character of the BBS Masters is fundamental: the Program Advisory Board.

The board meets regularly and plays the role of the scientific coordination of BBS programs in terms of content selection and connection with the business world. It is composed of leading companies, able to stimulate the international Faculty of Bologna Business School in the creation of an educational program always innovative and well connected to the global market.

Leading companies, local but always with a very strong international vocation, one of the School’s strategic objectives, influence the choice of course topics and, at the same time, offer students the opportunity to carry out internships that are key moments in creating a successful managerial career.

In the effort for continuous interaction between the School, stakeholders, companies and society, Bologna Business School aims to build a strong network around the BBS Community. In the PAC, this positive intertwining is fully realized: BBS Alumni who join the Master’s boards are the perfect closing of a virtuous circle.

Professional Master in Digital Marketing & Communication: a concrete commitment to education in step with the times, the key to immediate entry into the business world.


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