Entrepreneurship Hub

The Entrepreneurship HUB by Bologna Business School is a collector and catalyst of entrepreneurial experiences, a meeting point for all those who want to create or grow their own innovative business.

Internal and external entrepreneurship – intrepreneurship and entrepreneurship – are in fact distinctive elements of innovation, which strongly characterize Bologna Business School and its positioning in the territory in which it operates.

Business creation is a challenging process, complex and characterized by great uncertainty.

The BBS Entrepreneurship HUB therefore intends to become a meeting place and the main center of aggregation for entrepreneurship in Emilia Romagna, where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can:

  • enrich their skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • strengthen its network, coming into contact with other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, managers of established companies, institutional investors and academics of international scope
  • participate in an innovation ecosystem that favors access to key skills and resources to create and grow new businesses both locally and on a global scale.