Presentation of Project Works for the Professional Master’s in Business Management – Made in Italy

10 July 2024

One of the strengths of the Master’s programs at Bologna Business School is the opportunity to face real-world challenges through practical activities such as project work. The Professional Master’s in Business Management – Made in Italy is no exception. During the latest session, students tested their skills by presenting their projects to Prof. Alberto Calugi and the company representatives involved.

But what exactly does a project work at Bologna Business School entail? It is like a real business challenge, divided into two key phases. In this case, the Master’s participants worked for the Italian brand Coccinelle, founded in Parma in 1978 and specialized in the production of handbags and leather goods with a refined and elegant design.

Students were first involved in a meeting with company representatives, which allowed them to learn about Coccinelle‘s history and business model, a crucial step in understanding the brand’s challenges and opportunities in the international context. Subsequently, they tackled a complex project with an ambitious goal: to develop an entry plan for the USA market for the company. The project work development took place in various stages, including market analysis, SWOT analysis, competition analysis, entry strategy, and the implementation of economic models such as direct franchising and joint ventures.

The result was a structured, in-depth, and comprehensive project that brought concrete value both from a purely educational standpoint and in terms of broadening the students’ vision through direct interaction with a real company. Developing transversal skills and applying theoretical knowledge to real cases are just two of the aspects that make project work a key tool for enriching participants’ educational experience. These projects offer a unique opportunity for direct engagement with the working world, connecting students with professionals from various sectors and encouraging them to find innovative solutions.


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