21 December 2015

Students, Alumni, High level speakers, managers, leaders are the protagonists of this section. We collected stories, career paths, videos, testimonies and stories that will transmit what an experience BBS.


BBS through the words of our students.
A sharing of experiences, campus life, tips of Bologna and moments of personal and professional growth.
Written by and for students.


The Alumni of BBS talk about themselves: what was before, what came after, and the memories of being a student. They open a window to their life to share a personal story and a narration of one’s own professional experience, to share a story of our Community. Here we collect all the items out, recalling the songs that the respondents have chosen to recommend to their readers.


The Dialogues allows participants to meet with personalities from the world of business and culture that have achieved excellence in their respective fields. They are an opportunity to learn about their growth path and the challenges they have faced. In this post we collect all the episodes of this column.


Video and interview with high level speakers from the business, academic and culture world that visited BBS to meet our Community.


And finally the Advisory Board that guide the growth of the School and support us in defining the internationalization strategy Taking Italian Excellence Global.




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