MIT Technology Review Italia – 25th Anniversary

12 May 2014

25 years ago, founded by Alessandro Ovi and Romano Prodi, the first international edition of the Magazine for Innovation of MIT, Technology Review, was born. Today, renamed MIT Technology Review, there are also editions in Germany, Spain, Latin America, China, Singapore, Brazil, Russia.


9.15 am – Welcome

Romano Prodi
President Scientific Committee,
MIT Technology Review Italia

Massimo Bergami
Dean, Alma Graduate School

9.45 am – 25 years of MIT Technology Review Italia

Gian Piero Jacobelli
Editor in Chief, MIT Technology Review Italia

Comments by
Alfons Schräder
Publisher, MIT Technology Review Germany

10.15 am – Introductory Remarks

Jason Pontin
Editor in Chief and Publisher, MIT Technology Review USA

Serenella Sferza
Co-director, MIT Italy Program


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