Matteo Della Valle, Executive Master in Sales and Marketing

16 September 2020

Matteo  Della Valle chose the Executive Master in Sales and Marketing of Bologna Business School to grow his career. A choice that led him to better understand the world of sales and marketing and that enabled him to add to the Business Development Manager role also the Charter and Trade Manager role, still within the MSC Group. Here’s his story.

Tell us about your professional career.

In 2011, after the PhD in Economics and the Master’s in Paris, my intention was to continue my university career. But I received an offer from Costa Crociere that had just created the Revenue Management department. Impossible to refuse. I joined as Pricing Analyst managing cruises in the Red Sea and Northern Europe. Then I became Market Revenue Manager for Italy, the first market for the Company. In 2014, I joined a different company, still in the shipping industry and went from Leisure to Transportation. I was hired by GNV, of the MSC group, as Business Development Manager. Now, a few years later, besides dealing with the Development part, I’m also in charge of the Charter and Trade Management (sales and results trend for all destinations), and I report directly to the CEO.

Why did you decide to resume your education and how did you choose BBS?

At a certain point in my professional career, I realized my entire path had been very much focused on the quantitative and figure part and on pricing. I felt the need to better understand the world of sales and marketing. I started looking for an Executive Master’s along these lines, delivered by leading Italian universities, and in the end I was convinced and chose BBS, after an interview with the Director Mr. Ancarani

According to you, what are the program’s strengths?

I believe it’s an excellent mix of theoretical parts, exchanges of views with professionals and real business case studies. The quality level of the faculty is very high, and I always felt very engaged, even though you naturally have to balance the course and your ordinary work activity. It was a pleasantly stressful and challenging period but at the end it granted me joys and rewards. A small final note: perhaps I was lucky, but the group of friends that came to be was, and still is, fantastic!

What are the added values of belonging to the BBS Community? 

I believe the awareness and pride of being part of a high-level community is an added value. But also, the possibility of participating in courses and workshops promoted by BBS. Also, I’m very happy and proud of having been chosen as Mentor in the BBS React program to help companies in the post-emergency phase. It’s an innovative experience that is being very rewarding and it enabled me to get to know better an industry different from mine.

P.s. I almost forgot: the summer party in the magnificent setting of Villa Guastavillani!

Matteo Della Valle – Italy

Executive Master in Sales and Marketing – Class  2016/2017


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