Master Project: the projects of the students of Business Management

31 July 2019

On Thursday, July 25th at the Aula Magna of Bologna Business School the “Master Project” of the Full-Time Master in Business Management took place: during the afternoon the students presented their start to the Faculty BBS and to guest companies -upon innovations, competing for a cash prize made available by BPER Banca

Last January each group chose the theme on which the project would then focus: the students then created Business Plans in which they reported the description of their product, their vision and mission, and market analysis and the related target, all accompanied by a specific communication plan, income statement and balance sheet

The works have embraced the various tracks that comprise the Master’s in Business Management, including Asian Markets, Food & Wine, Made in Italy, Green Management and Sustainable Businesses and Retail Management and E-commerce.

The exhibitions were all brilliant and innovative. Starting from the first group of Asian Markets that presented “Sannò”, a Bolognese version of the Japanese aperitif: the students gave life to the project of a room in which the consumer is offered a moment of post-work entertainment, accompanying the presentation by some typical Japanese products prepared by the students themselves and offered to the public in the hall.

It was then the turn of the “Be My Guest” project exhibited by some of the guys on the Made in Italy track: an innovative portal aimed at enhancing Italy through the proposal of various types of services, including food and wine tours, naturalistic experiences, adventures and fun for an authentic experiential activity in our area.

One of the track groups in Food & Wine presented the “Res_Q” project, an idea born with the aim of producing a quality distillate using an innovative recipe, characterized by a strong ethical and sustainable footprint. Res_Q gin is a “London Dry” Gin, whose recipe is made unique by the use, in the alcohol base, of waste and surplus from the bread-making market. The students told about the vision and mission of the product: enhancing the resources by regenerating them, producing distillates in a sustainable manner.

Another interesting project, “Co-Bò”, developed by some students of the track in Green Management and Sustainable Businesses. The idea was born from a strong passion for sustainability and the desire to offer a co-working area and a totally eco-friendly bar. The goal is to give life to a community that is educated by the good practices put in place at the Co-Bò and educating. To win the prize for best project were some students of the Retail Management and E-commerce address with “e.GLOO”, a business idea born from an analysis of the needs of the team members. Moved by attention to the environment, work has been directed towards the marketing of a product that can become not only trendy, but can also be a means to spread the principles of eco-sustainability. e.GLOO is a stainless steel water bottle, which – unlike plastic – can be recycled, is resistant to corrosion and able to keep the temperature of liquids constant.

The bottle can be customized and the customer can opt for different colors and patterns. The peculiarity of this product lies in the fact that there is the possibility of adding an activated carbon filter to purify the water. This type of filter, of vegetable or mineral origin, is able to retain many chemical pollutants and to eliminate chlorine and the bad tastes it causes from the water.

This product is proposed as a substitute for the traditional disposable bottle, pushing customers to move increasingly towards new sustainable habits. The goal, in fact, is to discourage the purchase of disposable plastic through the launch of this fashionable bottle that allows you to collect water from the faucet purifying it instantly thanks to the filter installed inside. Thanks to the Master Project the students have put themselves and their managerial skills to the test, exposing their innovative ideas with ease and charisma.

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