Master Lecture. Samantha Cristoforetti

18 July 2016

Samantha Cristoforetti, astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA), together with her colleagues at the space station, Terry Virts (NASA) and Anton Shkaplerov (Roscosmos), were guest at the Master Lectures organized by BBS to inspire our students from the Global MBA.

The protagonist of the Futura mission from the Italian Space Agency (ASI) has shared their life experience at the International Space Station and the moments that characterized their mission: A success fruit of training, planning, team work, trust, management skills, uncertainty and risk.


“Two hundred day in space, a fish line that arrived after years and years of togetherness and meticulous training to organize every single detail of the mission. Then, finally, on Novembre 23rd, 2014, we found ourselves attached to our seats in a small capsule on top of the Soyuz rocket.”

“The journey was brief – said Cristoforetti – it took 8 minutes to separate ourselves from the planet’s gravity and arrive to the only destination the human beings have on space: the international space station. Here we had air, food, water and a lot of work to do. It is more or less as big as a football field and I like to think of it as humanity’s outpost on space.”

“At that point it is all about team work: It is necessary to have a well-matched team, amongst ourselves and the command center on Earth. With this large crew you need to keep a positive collaborative environment and enthusiasm for the work we do together. Two hundred days on space can only work through togetherness“.

“I believe that you are studying – addressing the BBS students -because you have an ambition to be leaders of this blue planet, be it in the economic, social or political fields. This is why it is necessary to have, even on your daily life, a long-term vision. May be in twenty years when you are in charge, you’ll remember this image of our Earth”.


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