Massimiliano Palmioli, Master in Data Science

29 September 2020

Massimiliano Palmioli is a Business Analytics Specialist at Iconsulting. A position that sees him at the center of corporate digitalization processes and that is offering him the opportunity to make the most of the tools learned by attending the Master in Data Science in BBS.

I chose the Master in Data Science because I wished to complete my training, improving my skills in a field where the work, social and private sphere is increasingly subject to a constant change in terms of innovation, digitization and process automation.

How will the Data Scientist profession change following the emergency, and which are the required skills for those wishing to start this career?

In an uncertain and unprecedented scenario like this, I believe it will be increasingly important to give an innovative interpretation of the Data Scientist figure. As for the required skills to start this career, I think they might change based on your background: cross-cutting skills like problem solving and communication will always be important, just like IT skills, combined with the knowledge of the industry for which you’re working and the ability to appropriately apply mathematical and statistical methods.

What are you doing now and what are your short- and long-term goals?

I’m currently working as Business Analytics Specialist for Iconsulting, an IT consulting company based in Bologna, which is giving me the opportunity to experience hands-on the company digitization processes, through different types of projects, the aim being, in the long term, to become a valid professional in the world of Data Science.

According to you, which are the Master’s strengths and what would you suggest to a future BBS student?

The Master’s strengths are: the highly innovative content that permeates the courses it offers, the competence of the professors delivering these courses and the possibility of working hands-on on real projects, since the very beginning. My advice then is to get the best from this all, taking advantage of every opportunity.

Massimiliano Palmioli – Italy

Master in Data Science – Class 2018/2019



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