A selection of publications and papers by Martin Lindstrom


Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends 

Martin Lindstrom, Hachette UK, London: 2016


Brand Sense: Sensory Secrets Behind the Stuff We Buy

Martin Lindstrom, Simon and Schuster, 2010


Buyology: Truth and Lies About What We Buy

Martin Lindstrom, Crown Publishing Group, London: 2008


Broad Sensory Branding
Martin Lindstrom, (2005) “Broad sensory branding”, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Vol. 14 Issue: 2, pp.84-87


Branding is no longer child’s play!
Martin Lindstrom, (2004) “Branding is no longer child’s play!”, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 21 Issue: 3, pp.175-182