Marina Zacharopoulou, Master in Digital Technology Management

15 October 2020

Marina Zacharopoulou found at the Master in Digital Technology Management with Artificial Intelligence of BBS and in its Community a “new world” to explore in order to build, step by step, the job of her dreams. Because, like Socrates teaches us: ’The principle of wisdom is in the quest’.

Tell us about your career path.

In November 2018 I graduated in Law from Athens University, but I knew that becoming a traditional lawyer wasn’t my dream. I’d already worked in different legal firms and realized that such a career wasn’t going to be enough. Thus, I decided to join a group of lawyers who wished to create an online legal database with the help of Machine Learning. It was the first time I was confronted with the concept of Artificial Intelligence, and thanks to this experience I understood I’d found my path in life, without neglecting the world of Business. At BBS I found what I was looking for, in the program of the Digital Technology Management – Artificial Intelligence Master.

Why did you decide to continue your education and how did your choose BBS?

Socrates said that ‘’The principle of wisdom is in the quest’’ and I always thought this meant being able to combine together different interests. This is why I decided to combine law and artificial intelligence, without neglecting the management side. Impossible? No! Anyone can make it if they believe in themselves! By choosing Bologna Business School not only I had the chance of studying what I wanted to, but also to do it in a country with an amazing culture, full of history, music, and art. A master’s designed and created from a managerial point of view, that aims at combining and developing exactly the area I’m more passionate about, the artificial intelligence one.

According to you, what are the program’s strengths?

Undoubtedly, the program offers a complex structure with exams at different levels, with projects devised to achieve this objective in the most intuitive and complete way possible, giving the students the opportunity to prove themselves. Professors with different methods and students from all over the globe made me feel part of different world, useful to build for oneself the necessary tools to deal with day-to-day challenges.

What are the added values of belonging to the BBS Community?

How wonderful the BBS Community! A new world that we created. A world where you can meet people who have different ideas and together achieve every objective in the most intuitive and complete way possible. Yes, we can change the world and we will make it!

Marina Zacharopoulou – Greece

Master Full-time in Digital Technology Management – Artificial Intelligence – Class 2019/2020


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