Marco Margiotta, Executive MBA

1 April 2021

Marco Margiotta, Executive MBA at BBS, and Sales Manager for, tells us why it’s worthwhile not just to invest in one’s training with a Master’s, but also to keep on being part of the Community within which the Master’s experience took place. 

My working life developed exploring all the possible facets of the sales sector for companies and organizations that offer both advanced services as Big Data, AI and robotics, and marketing solutions and concrete products. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a so-called “normal” seller, then a top client seller, I managed and trained not only resources who dealt directly with sales, but also managers who managed sales resources. I dealt with the development of solutions to sell products and services and I built or innovated sales networks. Finally, I went from being an Account to being a Regional Manager and then Sales Trainer Manager and Managing Sales Partner. Today I’m Sales and Marketing Manager at

Today I can say that what I share with the BBS world and its Community is undoubtedly the will to improve, to invest in myself and to put myself to the test constantly. These are values shared by all those whom I met along my path at the Bologna Business School and, in particular, those who participate in the BBS Community. And this is an aspect that helps us to collaborate and be on the same wavelength. In the Community there aren’t only friends, but individuals who share a way of living their work, their experiences, and relationships

This is why my advice to everyone is to join it to give your contribution and listen to what the others have to say, and also to become the embodiment of an added value to be shared. It’s not a situation of convenience but a system that helps weaving together knowledge and ability among people who shared, at the same time or at different times, a very important educational path. My relationship with my BBS fellows is becoming increasingly stronger, there’s a situation of very intense mutual help and support regardless of roles and possibilities.  

I’m currently actively carrying out the training activity for Sales people making available all my skills and knowledge in a field where I can provide my contribution. At the same time, I’m getting in touch with competent figures in sectors in which I’m less experienced, to increase my knowledge and abilities through the exchange of ideas

I’d like to conclude mentioning the 3 reasons why the experience at BBS has been an opportunity of profound enhancement and the reason why the Community is and will remain an important part of my working life, and not just limited to it. 

  • The first reason is People. The BBS group, made up of students, faculty and staff was a pleasant surprise: I’d never have imagined that I’d be positively overwhelmed by everyone’s quality and availability. This sense has been growing since when I started meeting and spending time also with former participants outside the standard educational activities, the Community is strong and organized and it will become even more consolidated over time 
  • The second reason is the impact on my Behavior. BBS helped me to react proactively and not simply to endure the change we’re all experiencing, I think there has never been a better moment to attend an EMBA like this year and the next. It’s got to do with reconstructing the Vision, defining scenarios and re-planning Actions with the help and support of brilliant minds, with the opportunity of receiving knowledge from every part of the world, I think it’s unique
  • The third reason is the Method. The school and the work team helped me understand that innovation doesn’t simply rely on idea that solves the issue or in creating a startup from scratch, but also in the ability to re-engineer a mature industry making it profitable again or in bringing value in a poor sector in order to raise profits and revenues, and all of this through method, analysis, vision, execution, instinct, humility and… a bit of lucid folly!


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