Marchesini Group MBA | Kick-off of the Master’s program dedicated to innovation

18 January 2022

The Kick-off of the Marchesini Group MBA – II edition took place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th January in the Aula Magna of Villa Guastavillani. The custom program of BBS has been developed in collaboration with Marchesini Group, one of the most innovative companies in the country, excellence of Emilia-Romagna packaging valley, and is focused on the growth of the company’s people.

The event took place in the presence of the Dean of BBS, Max Bergami, of Alessandro Grandi, Professor of Management Engineering and Scientific Director of the Master, and of Marchesini Group management: Maurizio Marchesini, Marco Marchesini, Pietro Cassani and Valentina Marchesini, respectively Chairman, Industrial Director, CEO and HR Manager.


The Marchesini Group MBA was born from the vision of a company at the forefront of automation and robotics in pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, which continues to invest in people and talent, with its eyes on industry 4.0. The protagonists are 34 employees, with different roles within the Group, who presented themselves one by one on Friday, immediately after the welcome by Dean Bergami, who opened the kick-off by recalling how the Master is “a challenging and interdisciplinary path, which the School has developed for you together with the company, but which today becomes yours”.

The Dean compared the participants to the drivers behind the wheel of a racing car. BBS and Marchesini Group will be like good mechanics and will support each student-driver, but, as Bergami pointed out, “no one can drive in your place”. The Dean then explored a topic issue in Bologna Business School, which is that of interdisciplinarity: a real challenge for anyone, even for teachers, but in particular for those who come from the industry, which, by its nature, requires some specialization. “What we will try to do is help you analyze each problem from many points of view, which is the key to doing something that at the Marchesini Group you know how to do very well: innovation”. In fact, as Dean Bergami explained, “innovation is not something static, but it moves and changes constantly, soliciting new ideas and new perspectives to solve new problems”. Finally, a wish, in the sign of growth and change: “With you, the first Master to start in 2022, I sincerely hope to have the last session across the street: in the new BBS Campus currently under construction”.


Maurizio Marchesini, Chairman of Marchesini Group, also spoke about innovation and the importance of developing a new capacity for vision, wide and open to the world. “We have promoted this path, aware of asking you for a great commitment”, said the Chairman, “And we did it for two reasons: the first is that we need to grow and to do that we need people who have the desire to commit themselves. The second is that we live in a world that is changing almost wildly. The pandemic has made a difference, transforming technologies and the way we relate to the world. In this context, it is necessary to be ready for change and to acquire new skills, including self-confidence and the will to reach new goals“.

Marco Marchesini also underlined how the purpose of the Programme is to offer the people of the company a new opportunity to seize in order to build the future “What I expect since it will be a challenging road, is that you are ready to seize all opportunities for growth that this path offers: from the possibility of seeing all aspects of the company to that of meeting colleagues who have different backgrounds and knowledge”.


Love what you do, within this school, and face the Master’s Program with humility” was the invitation of Pietro Cassani, who explained that the passion that this path can generate, is the most important thing, together with the precious lesson of humility that brings with it the awareness of still having so much to learn. Because quoting Norberto Bobbio, “Culture means measure, thoughtfulness, circumspection”.

Valentina Marchesini, as the last speaker of the company, invited the participants to “take this opportunity as an occasion to get out of your comfort zone”. “Be curious, brave and confident“, Marchesini concluded, “We believe in you and we invite you to work hard to find out together what the Marchesini Group of the future will be, opening your mind to new solutions and innovative ideas, thus avoiding the risk of becoming self-referential”.

Alessandro Grandi, Scientific Director of the Marchesini Group MBA, closed the introductory session, underlining the importance of active participation and the focus on teamwork within a path full of new inputs and ever-growing opportunities.

The first lesson of the Master’s opened indeed on the theme of teamwork, with Massimiliano Ghini, teacher of Organizational Behavior at BBS, who, supported on Saturday by Davide Calabrese, actor, and director, led the newborn team of participants in the phases of team building.


Good work therefore to the participants and to the Faculty of this new edition.


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