Journey into the Heart of the Italian Wine Industry: The Company Visit to Zonin

16 May 2024

From theory to practice, discovering the principles of management in a unique sector like Food & Wine can become an exciting and surprising journey. And it was exactly that, full of surprises and rich in emotions, the journey that took the Global MBA in Food and Wine class to visit Zonin, one of the most renowned wine companies in Italy. Emotions and surprises were vividly shared by one of the participants, James Lannon Killea, who told us how it went.

Our visit to Zonin highlighted the crucial role of a customer-centric approach in the wine industry. Zonin’s CEO and representatives emphasized the importance of understanding the nuances of different global markets, focusing on taste and style preferences, and how these needs shape Zonin’s overall product portfolio. This approach extends to the innovation and creation of new products, such as Zonin’s alcohol-free Prosecco, aimed at attracting new and younger customer segments. A clear understanding of which products drive revenue is essential for managing revenue streams and streamlining production efficiently.

Company visits in the Food and Wine track are a defining feature of the Global MBA at Bologna Business School. The value of direct interaction with business leaders cannot be overstated, as each encounter provides a practical context to apply our diverse coursework. Engaging with executives, employees, and products themselves prepares us for entering the Italian market and allows us to put into practice the financial management, marketing, and branding skills we have studied throughout the year.


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