United Kingdom Senior Consultant, Intercultural Business Competence Siemens AG Visiting
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Robert Gibson has been responsible for intercultural training at Siemens AG since 2000. After graduating from the Universities of Oxford and Exeter in the UK he moved to Germany in 1985. He has been a lecturer at the University of Munich, a Consultant for Vocational Education and Head of Business Languages at the Ingolstadt School of Management. He is a former Vice President of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. His numerous publications include ‘Intercultural Business Communication’ OUP and over 70 articles for the magazine ‘Business Spotlight’.


This course provides an understanding of the role of culture in management and organizational processes in today’s inter-cultural business world. After an initial theoretical introduction to the concept of culture, the course will analyze its relevance to organizational issues such as: human resources management, cross-cultural communication, team-work, motivation, and negotiation.

This course aims to help students to understand and deal effectively with cultural differences in organization and HR management. After structured reflection on personal cultural experiences and an introduction to intercultural theory, the course enables students to understand better the role of culture in communication, collaboration and management in business.