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18 September 2022

A week has passed since the most important event for the entire Bologna Business School Community: The Graduation Master Class 2022.

On Friday, September 9, Piazza Maggiore, the historic heart of the city of Bologna, again welcomed the 887 graduates of BBS’s University and Executive Master’s programs to celebrate the achievement of an exciting milestone.

To welcome and celebrate the BBS graduates, in addition to the faculty, were Dean Max Bergami, the Magnifico Rettore of the University of Bologna, Giovanni Molari, the President of the Supervisory Board Romano Prodi, and a special guest: Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci, who gave the commencement speech.

A celebration that every year reinforces BBS’s bond with the social and civil network of the territory and renews the strong connection that unites it to the city and region of Emilia-Romagna, but also, a moment of meeting and reflection of the future.

Graduation 2022_Rainbow

The future, as indicated by Romano Prodi, promises to be a time of rapid evolution and bearer of sudden changes that graduates will have to face with courage by interpreting the possible opportunities and shaping with their ideas and imagination the world that will come.

In the wake of these words stands one of the most meaningful messages directed to the graduates by Dean Max Bergami: “and as a matter of fact, watching you in this Square, this evening, I realize that you are the image of the future.” The values of community, togetherness, and vitality that distinguish BBS are how we can address new challenges such as “sustainability, quantum technologies, new ways of working, new globalization, or others to come.”

There is then a reminder of the essential role that leadership will play in the working lives of individuals, but also, and more importantly, in relation to society as a whole: “becoming a master, meaning a teacher, is not only a way to achieve one’s professional goals, but to prepare oneself to exercise a different role that is essentially characterized by responsibility,” the Dean explains. The function of managers in the coming years will be closely characterized by values and the ability to take responsibility with courage and in a strongly civic-oriented way.

The new BBS Campus is, finally, the concluding piece in the Dean’s speech. The challenges of the past few years have pushed the school to improve and grow, including expanding new spaces: the new BBS Campus, designed by Mario Cucinella, is the result of the collaboration and participation of all the partners who believe in the School and its project. “Investing in a new campus at a time when online education seems to be gaining ground is not a courageous act for us, but simply the way to correspond to our mission and identity that descend from the genetic heritage of our Alma Mater.” A reality that will not be intended solely for new BBS students, but for its entire community, with a dedicated Alumni space “where you can come back again and again, if only to meet, spend some time at BBS or to organize workshops and other activities,” concluded the Dean.

Samantha Lois Morrison, Co-President of the BBS Alumni Association wanted to emphasize the importance of the sense of belonging to the BBS community and the bonds that unite Alumni from all of the school’s programs, “Once again, a big congratulations to all of you. You have been students for a chapter of your lives. You will be BBS Alumni forever, so join us and support us in creating strong and lasting bonds among all our Alumni and with BBS.”

Graduation 2022_Speakers

Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci was entrusted with the Graduation Commencement Speech, an inspiring speech addressed students who have just completed their management education. Perseverance, humility, and luck, these were the most important themes of Bizzarri’s speech, who explained “Never think you have arrived, always remember that we are on a journey. We are students for life.”

The CEO of one of the most famous Italian brands in the world recalled the steps that led him from his hometown Rubiera, not far from Bologna to the pinnacle of success with Gucci. Meeting people who were able to offer him an opportunity for growth and improvement was the common thread that led Bizzarri’s commencement speech. “I was very lucky because I found people who believed in me, who pushed me to do more and better,” he said, “Try if you can be around people who love you. Who want the best for you.”

And lastly, along with wishes for the future of the graduates, the Gucci CEO wanted to highlight the importance of giving back when given the opportunity; the simplest and most effective way to create a virtuous circle that allows for the transmission of opportunities and collective growth.

The Rector of the University of Bologna, Giovanni Molari, conferred the master’s degree by concluding the ceremony and recalling the importance of the dialogue between the University and business and inviting the graduating students to take the treasure of knowledge received during their BBS training period into their professions.

The Graduation ceremony concludes with the most symbolic and eagerly awaited moment for all: the scenic launching of the 887 master’s caps in Piazza Maggiore under an unexpected rainbow. With the pride that BBS will always be a repository of emotions, ideas and future-oriented projects.

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