Global MBA’s “Extra” Special Tour of Caviro Group

27 September 2022

During the Global MBA kick-off week, full of networking, ice-breaking activities, and welcome seminars, the Global MBA class also visited Caviro Group’s 35,000-hectare property in Faenza, located in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region. Here is the account of a student.

When we heard we would visit a sustainable winery – Italy’s largest winery, spanning over seven regions and exporting to over 80 countries worldwide – we were thrilled to be in the presence of some of the best wine in the country. 

However, we quickly learned that Caviro Group was more than just a winery. Comprised of Caviro Sca, the largest wine cooperative in Italy, and Caviro Extra, which focuses on creating renewable by-products throughout the wine production process, Caviro Group delivers on a triple-bottom-line business model that achieves economic, social, and environmental outcomes through its sustainable supply chain. In turn, Caviro Group provides positive benefits for the entire community. With this impact-focused model, 65% of their overall revenue is derived from wine production, while 20% and 15% are from noble products and bioenergy, respectively. “Economic sustainability is the cornerstone of our ethical expansion,” says Silvia Buzzi, HSE and Sustainability Manager, Caviro Extra. “We follow seven of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including affordable, clean energy; climate action; economic growth; and responsible consumption and production.”

As a leader in wine production, working with over 1000 wine growers across Italy, Caviro has a mission to satisfy the needs of its customers by making and delivering the best wine for various markets. Caviro believes that every element of wine-making production can be transformed into value, so they can contribute to Italy’s circular economy by creating high-value by-products from agro-industrial or “grape waste.” Currently, only 1% of materials used in their processes are disposed of, while the rest of their waste is transformed into noble products for the food, pharmaceutical, and agriculture sectors or biomethane to power renewable energy sources. All suited up in their bright orange vests and comfortable shoes, the Global MBA class embarked on a full tour of the Caviro Extra facilities, which included the production of highly potent industrial alcohol; CO2 to export for sparkling water, dry ice and soda products; steam to power thermal and electric energy; and natural fertilizer. In total, Caviro Extra exports more than 130 thousand tons of renewable by-products at their site every month, or the same weight as New York’s Empire State Building. 

We were amazed to learn that Caviro Extra’s production runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because sustainability never sleeps.” Also, Caviro Extra’s entire facility runs on power from its renewable energy sources, once again proving Caviro’s dedication to saving the planet and putting its people first. The tour ended with a delicious tasting of Caviro Sca’s Davinci in Romagna prosecco. Silvia encouraged the Global MBA class that we are the next generation for which they are building a sustainable future


Salute to that!

Sheliza Thobani
Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses


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