Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Business: the Role of Green Accounting

27 March 2023

Today, sustainability is at the heart of the global economy, and new managers must be familiar with constantly-evolving tools. Understanding and managing the interaction between traditional economic and ecological goals, increasing the information available to analyze the impact of business activities, and knowing how to communicate the sustainability status of one’s company are essential skills for anyone who wants to play leading roles in global business.

The Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses is one of the most innovative tracks at Bologna Business School, which prides itself on the creation of the BBS Initiative for Sustainable Society and Businesses, a cutting-edge European benchmark of interdisciplinary research. The Center bases its activities on three pillars: learning, dissemination and impact, and aims to have a direct effect on the academic community, stakeholders and companies, stimulating both local and global spreading of best practices and pioneering practices based on ecological respect and regeneration.

Bologna Business School‘s focus on green topics makes the Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses a course of study able to incorporate the most recent innovations in the area, such as the manager capable of managing green accounting, a type of bookkeeping that aims to include ecological costs in companies’ financial results, and the ESG, Environmental, Sustainability, Governance balance sheet that, by 2024, will be mandatory for all companies with more than 250 employees, a turnover exceeding 50 million euros and an annual budget that exceeds 43 million.

Built on six points, Accountability, Ethics & CSR, Law, Technology Management and Strategy, and Entrepreneurship, the 12-month, full-time, English-language curriculum provides all the tools needed to support the improvement of corporate resources and the planning of new scenarios based on sustainable business models.

Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses and BBS Initiative for Sustainable Society and Businesses: the winning combination for an ever-evolving study path, which puts ecological ethics at the heart of building a management career. A unique opportunity to grow in connection with social equity, ecological quality and economic prosperity.


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