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21 June 2023

Another edition of the school’s most esteemed program, the Global MBA, has come to a close. This year-long program, which offers distinct tracks in sectors of excellence such as Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods, Food and Wine, Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses, Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports, once again demonstrated its significance for the school, the local area, and the Italian and international business world.

One feature that makes the Global MBA a magnificent experience is meeting leaders from different sectors in the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and visiting internationally renowned companies, closely observing their processes. This allows participants to develop a deep understanding of business dynamics and fully grasp the opportunities offered by each sector. But what truly sets it apart is its global openness. The students who participate in the program come from different parts of the world, creating a stimulating and enriching international learning environment. This cultural diversity promotes exchanging ideas and perspectives, expanding each participant’s horizons and fostering intercultural understanding—an essential element for success in the contemporary context, which is increasingly inclusive, open, and multifaceted.

Another strength of the Global MBA is the opportunity to personally and closely get to know Italian excellences. Through visits to prominent companies in the respective Made in Italy sectors, students can immerse themselves in Italian excellence, learning from the best practices and gaining firsthand experience of the country’s culture and industry. 

The Company Visits will remain one of the milestones of this program, as they allow participants to closely observe companies such as Caviro, Lamborghini, EF Solare, and Brunello Cucinelli. The latter opened its doors to the students on the occasion of the Master’s closing, during which Co-CEO Riccardo Stefanelli, who was already a featured speaker along with the other Co-CEO Luca Lisandroni in one of the most interesting Leadership Talks of this academic year, spoke with the students, offering them the opportunity also to access the production departments. All this is made possible by the established collaborations with leading companies in the treated sectors, present locally but active globally. These partnerships allow those who choose the Global MBA at BBS to work closely with experienced professionals and apply the knowledge acquired during the program.

The conclusion of another edition of the Global MBA represents a moment of celebration for BBS. It also confirms a constant commitment: offering excellent education, valorizing cultural diversity, and integrating academia and business to enhance the participants’ skills and prepare them for leadership roles in their respective fields. This commitment also serves as a stimulus to provide more and more tools. It arises and strengthens when seeing participants who are increasingly determined, as emphasized by Marcello Russo in his closing speech last year: “Year after year, what increases my motivation in this role and convinces me of how lucky I am to be the Global MBA Director is the courage and determination you have demonstrated in facing all these long months, during which you have completed 22 different courses, been exposed to different learning methods and teamwork, always striving to excel and learn as much as possible.”


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