Giulia Colatini, Master in Business Management – Asian Markets

16 October 2020

Giulia Colatini found in BBS the perfect Master’s to complete her training. Additionally, thanks to her talent, she was able to receive a scholarship provided by STICO – Nanotech Ceramics Co., a company that is particularly active on the Asian markets, thus confirming one of the strengths of BBS educational offer: the close cooperation with companies, which translates into new opportunities for students.

Tell us about your professional career.

I received my university degree after attending the three-year course in Languages, Markets and Cultures of Asia at the University of Bologna, where besides Japanese, a language that I have studied further also thanks to a cultural exchange at the Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, for the first time I started studying economic subjects. Before the master’s, I had always worked in the language field: I was Course Leader for EF in their offices in Brighton and, during my stay in Japan, I was staff member of the university Chat Room. Plus, I still give repetitions of English, French and Japanese to high school and university students.

Why did you decide to continue your education and how did you choose BBS?

I decided to continue my studies choosing a master’s because, on the one hand, I wanted to learn more about marketing and the internationalization of companies, and on the other, because I felt it was the best way to acquire the necessary practical skills to be successful in the labor market today. I chose BBS because I’d heard very good things about it from professors and fellow students, and because the MBA, and in particular the Asian Market track, seemed to be a perfect match for my goals: acquire new business knowledge without leaving aside my language background.

According to you, what are the Master’s strengths?

The aspects that I most appreciated of the master’s are the thoroughness with which the topics were covered and the balance between theory and practice: every course enables even those who haven’t got a purely economic background to acquire the bases to navigate different areas of business management and to put in practice what you’ve learned, through ever new and exciting projects. Every day you’re spurred to learn to work with new people, to find innovative solutions to different problems and always to give your best. For sure, it’s an intense pathway but very rewarding too.

What are the added values of belonging to the BBS Community?

By attending the master’s lectures, I had the opportunity to meet several professionals of the areas connected to business management, from the professors to the managers we met during the events. I was thus able to get closer, more directly, to a world in which I hope I’ll be able to work, thus managing to understand it better: it was invaluable for me to be able to discuss and illustrate my doubts to those who live in this environment every day. But being part of the BBS community also means to have had the opportunity to work closely with my fellow students and with whom, over the months, a beautiful relationship has developed. The master’s at BBS was truly an exceptional opportunity and I’d like to thank Stico for helping me to fully experience it.

Giulia Colatini – Italy

Master in Business Management – Asian Markets, Class 2019/2020



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