For the participants of the Part-time MBA Weekend a challenge to the last … business game

16 June 2020

A particular but no less intense year for the participants of the MBA Part-time Weekend, who have completed their training in online mode, continuing their teaching activities remotely over the last two months, including lessons, speeches, meetings, network opportunities … until the final business game.
An interactive simulation that showed how the realization of the corporate strategy requires a cohesive team that knows how to efficiently implement the tasks that make up the individual functional areas, from marketing to logistics, passing through accounting.

The activity was developed by Management Utilities, an online business games company managed by Fulvio Ulessi, Professor of the Business Game course: the classroom, divided into two groups, carried out tests that allowed each of the participants to apply the methods, techniques and tools learned in the different courses of the master in a coordinated and interactive way, without ever losing sight of the final objective, measured in terms of profitability and value of the action. An opportunity to understand business dynamics and problems, in an interactive and competitive environment to facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge and to focus on transversal skills.

Congratulations to the winners of the Business Game Fabio Coppiardi, Lorenzo Cordin, Angelo Lastella, Riccardo Rosa, Valentina Ruozi, Lidia Valentino, Daniele Fraccaroli, Alessandro Belluzzo, Luca Villanti, Matteo Taparelli and Giacomo Casari!

Numerous reflections shared by the participants on their Linkedin profiles: we asked Maria Gabriella Ritondo, Deputy ICT Head of Finance and Financial Service Process of the automotive sector and Class Representative of the XXI Weekend formula, for a budget of the Master.

“On 23 May we finished our MBA as we never expected when, over 16 months ago, we walked through the door of Bologna Business School to Villa Guastavillani for the first time. An online finale, but with a heart full of satisfaction for having experienced one of the most incredible and challenging stages that have been the Master. The Part-time Weekend MBA was an experience that allowed us to enrich ourselves from a professional point of view for the portfolio of new skills, but also from a human point of view thanks to the travel companions who shared and lived with us this wonderful phase that we will carry in our hearts and in everyday life. For all this and much more, thanks go to BBS, its staff, Dean Max Bergami and the Professors who in such a difficult and unexpected moment managed in record time to ensure continuity and support for our academic career.

Special thanks go to the professionalism and helpfulness of the Professors Andrea Cinti Luciani and Mariachiara Colucci with whom we began and completed this long journey dotted with personal and family sacrifices, sleepless nights and many satisfactions, as well as professors Massimiliano Ghini, Paolo Di Marco and Marco Bigelli for the passion with which they have been able to deal with complex topics.

And now? Now we start again! Ready to start a new chapter of this exciting adventure that is life, with the hope and desire to be us, with our contribution, to ensure that this difficult moment that has seen us fragile in our humanity allows us to be reborn more strong, gritty, aware, human and determined to be the first to build a better future together. Congratulations to all colleagues/friends of the MBA”.


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