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Maurizio Sobrero (PhD MIT) is Full Professor of Business and Management Engineering at the University of Bologna and Associate Dean for New Faculty Recruitment at Bologna Business School. Between 2012 and 2015 he helped found the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow as a Distinguished Faculty Fellow for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has collaborated with numerous government institutions in Italy and abroad in the development of policies for research and innovation. He has taught in South America, Africa, China and several European countries, carried out consultancy and advisory services for various companies and institutions in Italy and abroad and he has worked as an Independent Director in various companies.


CORE COURSE – The course includes 3 half-day meetings and it deals with crucial topics for today’s businesses: the first meeting aims at introducing the concept of Digital Transformation and at illustrating the current scenario; the second meeting focuses more specifically on Industry 4.0 and its features; whilst the final meeting revolves around Cybersecurity.

Technology and Innovation

Many companies and institutions nowadays are focused on realizing and implementing their transition to Industry 4.0. This course aims to show the next scenarios, analyzing the points and the consequences of the next industrial revolution, the Industry 5.0.

The future belongs to those who are still able to dream and innovate their methods and processes. To the people who have a vision and carry it forward with passion, matching the methodological and technological tools of their time. These seminars cross the master by connecting, in a “multidisciplinary unicum”, each course with the different components of a business innovation project able to highlight, through meetings focused on practical cases, the necessary synthesis between “people, process and technology”. For each area of ​​the Executive MBA, the program provides a protagonist who has found innovation to express his own value, from new ways of information to cash generation, from production processes to marketing strategies.

Executive MBA