Antonello Eugenio

Italy Full Professor of Economy Policy University of Bologna Adjunct Faculty
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Antonello Eugenio Scorcu (MSc LSE) is Full Professor of Economic Policy at the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Bologna, where he teaches Economics and Monetary Policy and Economics of Culture. Former Coordinator of the Rimini Campus of the University of Bologna, he is currently Director of the Degree Course in Economics, Markets and Institutions. He was the founder of the European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics. He was scientific advisor to the Word Bank, to the Information and Publishing Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and to other national bodies and institutions. His research areas concern the analysis of household savings and portfolio choices, the analysis of the real estate market and fine arts valuations and pricing. On these and other issues he has published monographs and scientific essays in international and Italian journals.



Alternative funds: Hedge and Hedge Funds. Real Estate Funds. Management, assessment, commission regime and internal liquidity and how to allocate them to a capital. Funds linked to alternative investments, such as art and other types.

The economic foundations  for the interpretation of financial markets. Basics of macroeconomics and basic economic policy. The impact of macroeconomic variables on financial ones. How to read macroeconomic information in terms of financial and portfolio planning. Allocation of Italian savings.