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Marcello Russo, Ph.D., is Full Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Bologna (where he is also a member of the Research Commission). At Bologna Business School, Marcello is the Director of the Global MBA and Associate Director of the Corporate Ferrari Global Executive MBA. He has been Visiting Professor at Kedge Business School, France and he is member of the International Network on Technology, Work and Family at UQAM Montreal, Canada. He is Associate Editor for Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. He is an expert on work-life balance, with a focus on which individual strategies and organizational factors can help individuals accomplish their ideal model of work-life balance. His research has been published in top-tier journals including Academy of Management Annals, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management, Journal of Vocational Behavior (where he served as Associate Editor), MIT Sloan Management Review, Human Resource Management Journal, and Human Resource Management Review. He has gained significant teaching experience at post-graduate and Executive level in the following areas: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Leadership, and Change Management. He has also attended the 2019 International Teachers Program (ITP).


Recent research in neuroscience points out that human behaviour is driven by different emotions that activate different cognitive areas in our brain (Panksepp, 2005). One of the primary instincts is called ‘seeking’ and represents our tendency to feel enthusiasm and curiosity about those activities that allow us to achieve the resources we need to survive. Daniel Cable, in his latest book “Alive at work”, points out that the activities that create the greatest enthusiasm at work are those in which we feel we can express our talents (self-expression), learn (experimentation) and identify the meaning of our work (purpose). Although these concepts are widely described in the literature as fundamental to increase individual motivation, modern organisations often inhibit such states with strict rules and an uninnovative internal culture, inducing a feeling of helplessness and resignation among workers, which can have significant repercussions on health and performance. The objective of this course is to analyse possible strategies to prevent this from happening and to guide employees to achieve high levels of engagement and enthusiasm at work.

The clinics are interactive sessions with the presence of experts business leaders who will share with the students their knowledge and experience on the topic in an informal atmosphere. Through the clinics students will have the opportunity to reflect with business leaders on cutting-edge themes – namely business ethics, digital technologies and AI, diversity and inclusion, and leadership – that characterise the activity of contemporary global organisations. Each clinic, coordinated by an academic professor or a manager will challenge students with the most relevant knowledge and trends on the specific topic of interest.

Society has high expectations towards MBA graduated students. A big one concerns the leadership of GMBA graduates who are expected to have a proactive and constructive role in modern organizations and societies. However, the literature suggests that GMBA graduates often perform below expectations on this important dimension – despite being one of the most critical for a successful life and career. In this clinic, coordinated by professor Marcello Russo, students will have a chance to interact with global leaders who can inspire them with their stories, actions and daily operations.


Topic 1: Leading self: Discovering one’s strengths and future possible self

Topic 2: Leading change

Topic 3: Leading the team

Topic 4: Leading the C-suite

Topic 5: Leading the organizational culture

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