Edoardo Carlo

Adjunct Professor of Economic Law Cattolica University of Milan Core Faculty


The simultaneous presence of Humans and Robots in the production chain creates management, ethical and legal issues. This course aims, on the one hand, to trace the legislation already introduced in some national and supranational systems, and on the other hand, to verify case law. Experts from the most renown hi-tech companies will be involved in the course by describing some of the most innovative practices, while keeping into consideration concrete policy proposals. Among other areas, after a definition of AI and robotics with a particular focus on their technical profiles, the course aims to verify the ethical implications and the relationship between the humans and the robots, taking into consideration also the organizational limits and responsibilities. We will also analyze the implications of the use AI and robotics in the fight against discrimination and diversity, potentially at risk, following the sharing of sensitive data. The government of data, including personal and sensitive ones, requires us to draw particular attention to the study of the regulations for the protection of privacy and intellectual property. Cases of interest and application models will also be discussed in the field of public law. First of all, we will discuss on who the use of AI can shape the meaning and orientation of public consent, but also the determination of public policies. Particular attention will then be given to the regulation of applications and robotics, starting from the models already being tested.

AI and Manufacturing