Assistant Professor at LIUC University Carlo Cattaneo


This course introduces students to core concepts and analytical tools for strategic management of technological innovation towards a sustainable future. The course offers discussion about traditional issues and approaches to technology management. This includes: What is technology, how to forecast, assess, manage and appropriate from technological innovation and resources, what are the dynamics of technology, how to organize for technological innovation? And, how to diversify from traditional managing technology into offering integrated solutions (e.g. products, operations and maintenance, and other services).
The course argues that sustainable business development at its very heart is a matter of innovation because if businesses want to develop sustainable products, service, strategies and solutions they need to be good at innovating their products, services, business models. Still, the course engages students in discussions about, for example, if technology is the cause or solution for sustainable development, how innovation and solutions in the broad area of sustainability may have specific systemic and architectural features and how to identify and develop technological opportunities in an increasingly digital economy.
We advance a specific focus on how issues subsumed under the heading of ‘digital transformation’ enables innovation and hence, improve technology management and sustainability. We will talk about how, AI, big data, cybersecurity are connected to innovation in green business domains. To provide students a wide and inspirational variety of case examples; issues and dynamics of sustainability and technological management of innovation are explored in industry settings such as, energy, water, urban design, transport, ICT, etc.

Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses