Italy Full Professor of Business Economics University of Bologna
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Edoardo Mollona is Full Professor of Business Economics at the Department of Computer Science – Science and Engineering (DISI) of the University of Bologna. He graduated from the University Luigi Bocconi and was awarded his PhD in Decision Science / Strategic Management at London Business School. He teaches Business Strategy and Computational Analysis of Strategic Scenarios. His research interests include strategic change in companies, analysis of strategic and socio-political scenarios and the long-term sustainability of business strategy.


The course will detail typical operations management issues by taking a quantitative approach for supporting decision-making processes. The main topics covered in the course will focus on the modelling and simulation of the organizational processes aimed at supporting companies’ strategy implementation. In particular, the course grounds on the principles of system thinking to help participants to model and to understand the dynamic interplay among people, decisions and resources involved in companies’ operations. The aim of the course is to hone decision-makers’ capabilities to capture the deep causal structure that generates events and phenomena thereby foreseeing long-term consequences of decisions and actions. In the course, participants will learn how to build a computer model of complex organizational processes in order to conduct “what-if” and scenario analysis.

Data Science and Business Analytics
Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management