Italy Adjunct Professor of Business Economics University of Bologna
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Edward Mollona is Adjunct Professor of Business Economics at the Department of Computer Science – Science and Engineering (DISI) of the University of Bologna. He graduated from the University Luigi Bocconi and was awarded his PhD in Decision Science / Strategic Management at London Business School. He teaches Business Strategy and Computational Analysis of Strategic Scenarios. His research interests include strategic change in companies, analysis of strategic and socio-political scenarios and the long-term sustainability of business strategy.


The course will explore and analyze typical problems associated with operations management and address them through quantitative modeling in support of decision making. The issues will be handled by combining a business-oriented approach with quantitative methods on a statistical and econometric basis. The main contents are related to: management of production capacity, inventory management and control, service operations, selection and monitoring of suppliers, process optimization and simulation. The main objectives of the course relate to the ability to model complex business situations and to analyze them through technical and quantitative tools designed to monitor and improve business performance, teams and individuals.

Data Science and Business Analytics
Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management