Italy Associate Professor University of Bologna Adjunct Faculty
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Carlo Mazzaferro is Associate Professor in Public Economics at the Department of Statistics at the University of Bologna. His research topics are in the Pension Economic fields. In particular, he has developed a dynamic microsimulation model to study financial and distributive effects of the long term evolution of the pension system in Italy. He is also interested in topics such as the wealth distribution, the tax benefit model in a European context. He published his research in international as well as national reviews (Review of Income and Wealth, Fiscal Studies, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, International Journal of Microsimulation, etc). Currently he his director of the course “Scienze Statistiche Finanziarie ed Attariali” at the University of Bologna. He studied at the University of Warwick (Uk) and got a PhD in Economics at the University of Ancona.


Pension systems and their sustainability over time, in relation to demographic and macroeconomic trends. Optimizing the individual retirement plan in relation to the norms and expectations of life and work. Pension planning and life insurance policies.