MBA in Design, Fashion & Luxury Brand Management | University of Bologna


Italy Consultant Kiering Adjunct
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Alberto Festa is a C-level Executive with vast experience as a Manager, CEO and Director for industry leaders of both Italy and the US. He started out at Colgate Palmolive, after which he enjoyed a succesful and lengthy stay at Pepsico as a Sales Manager and later Sales Director. He was Sales Director at Mattel until 1998, at which point he joined Brystol-Myers Squibb and their Matrix divsion as CEO, until the company was acquired by l’Oreal in 2000. Following this he enjoyed a 15-year long stay at BVLGARI, where he started out as Managing Director in at the HQ in Rome and then left to become President for BVLGARI USA. As of 2016 he is Managing Director at Vhernier in Milan.


The course aims to discuss the main principles of identifying and evaluating gemstones. Furthermore, industry experts will share the main issues in the jewelry market with the participants, by following the development from artisan culture to industrial serial production. In the second part of the course we discuss watch-making, considering that watches are mechanisms that measure the passage of time and displays the current time: movements may be entirely mechanical, entirely electronic (potentially with no moving parts), or a blend of the two. Also, we analyze the trends in watch-making and in the watch industry.

Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods