Cicvarić Kostić

Cicvarić Kostić
Full Professor of Organizational Sciences University of Belgrade Visiting Faculty


Slavica Cicvarić Kostić is a full professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department of Marketing Management and Public Relations. She currently serves as a Manager of the Center for Marketing at the Faculty, and the co-chair of the board for master program Management. Slavica has become a visiting professor at the Bologna Business School in 2020. She has also been a visiting lecturer at several universities and business schools across Europe. Over the course of her career, Slavica has mainly been focused on fields such as brand management, corporate communications, and digital communications. She is the author and co-author of several books, as well as over 100 publications in various journals, books and conferences. Slavica has been engaged in several international research projects. Currently, she is involved in the project “Exploring co-creation in services”, under the patronage of the University of Rijeka, Croatia. In addition to teaching, professor Slavica works as a consultant in companies and not-for-profit organizations in the areas of marketing and communications. She was a director of communications for both an international consulting company and an investment company. She was a member of the Managing Board of the PR Society of Serbia. Slavica holds a PhD degree in Organizational Sciences from the University of Belgrade. She holds a DIMAQ (digital marketing qualification) certificate, issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


The course provides students with basic knowledge of the fundamentals of business ethics, as well as the economic, environmental and social sustainability challenges that come about in the both private and public sectors. The students will gain the knowledge, skills and tools needed to effectively respond to these challenges in order to drive impactful change and develop sustainable business practices.

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