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CORE COURSE – Over the last few years, relevant changes have been taking place, mainly due to technological convergence, which many people compare to a new industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0. The availability of intelligent software, new materials, anthropomorphic robots, new production processes based on AM technologies, big data and web-based services, undermine the fundamental rules of mass production systems, allowing for the manufacturing of customized products, in limited quantities and at low costs. Similarly to any other revolution, this one too has potentially disruptive consequences, both in economic and organizational terms. The features of the products/services and of the production processes radically change. As from today – though in the near future this phenomenon will be even more relevant – the companies that aim at achieving positions of competitive advantage focus on these new challenges in order to provide innovative responses. The amount, complexity and impact of the decisions required to design the Supply Chain and  Operations need a new systemic vision and sound reference models. This course will carry out a cross-cutting analysis of the whole educational programme of the Master’s and will be applied in accordance with the topics discussed, in order to develop a thematically consistent path.

Supply Chain and Operations