ITALY Business Consultant Exelab Adjunct Faculty
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Alsid Peqini is a Business Consultant specializing in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, employing a highly Data-Driven approach tailored to client business needs. With over 2 years of experience as a Business Analyst at TheClientGroup, a division of the Exelab Group in Rome, he has consulted for prominent companies such as Unipol and Admiral Group. Additionally, for more than 3 years, he has been instructing the course “Techniques and Tools for Business Data Analysis” at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering.

His academic background, including 3 years in Economics and Commerce and 2 years in Economics and Management, has honed his managerial skills. University years exposed him to corporate environments, shaping his consultancy approach with a keen focus on business.

His affinity for numbers drives him to leverage company data effectively, identifying growth strategies and opportunities. At BBS, he serves as an Associate Professor, contributing to the Master’s in Business Management program for over 3 years.