Fabrizio Perrone and the industry of micro influencers

27 November 2019

“Our innovation is the power of real”, with these words started the speech of Fabrizio Perrone, guest of the third Innovation Talks of Bologna Business School held on November 26th.

CEO and Founder of Buzzoole, the Neapolitan entrepreneur explained to the Community BBS what influencer marketing is and how his company was born thanks to the strategy based on micro-influencer.

Buzzoole was born in Naples in 2013 and today is the market place of influencers with more members of the world. “We have set ourselves up as certifiers of the authenticity of the influencer: of its existence, of the content posted and of the actual followers, bridging with companies in the development of their marketing strategies”.

The collaboration with micro-influencers is the hallmark of Buzzoole.

“Until 2012 there were only bloggers and influencers from millions of followers, but then it became clear that ordinary people were identified more easily in those who have a life similar to theirs” Perrone said. “Our goal is to start from real people, to generate an impact on the real consumer”, continued the CEO of Buzzoole.

Deep learning, statistical model and social network analysis algorithms are the tools used to develop a brand-person affiliation as basis of marketing campaigns with protagonists related to the mission and corporate values.

“About 5 years ago the first question we were asked was” What are you doing? What do you do? Today, however, the micro-influencer has become an integral part of a company’s communication strategy”, continues Perrone, “Today the micro-influencer has become an integral part of a company’s communication strategy; the influencer marketing generates 3 billion dollars in the world”.

Looking at the future, there will be new challenges, such as virtual influencers, social characters, and other kinds of “digital creatures” efficient in the influencer marketing landscape, but “the human side is still important, it is necessary for us to perceive the creator’s correlation with the brand. Contact with the community makes the difference in keeping the audience active” Perrone said.


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