Webinar: Wage Setting Regulation after the Pandemic

Jun 19 2020 - 3 pm - Via Microsoft Teams

On Friday, June 19,  there will be via Microsoft Teams  a webinar dedicated to the wage situation in Europe, after the emergency of these months.

In the context of this sudden exogenous crisis, wage-setting regulation can play the role as stabilizer of demand. In the short and medium run, minimum wage policies could be able to counteract income volatility and preventing workers from ending up in in-work poverty.

However, the reality it is not so clear. Who should set the minimum wage? Statutory minimum wage? What is the role of Social partners? So many questions are still pending, many of them were already known before the pandemic and others will derive from the steadily changing situation.

The following international guests will participate at the event:

Alberto Pizzoferrato, Professor of Labour Law, University of Bologna
Filip Dorssemont, Professor of Labor Law, Universitè Catholique De Louvain
Michel Martone, Professor of Labor Law, University of Rome La Sapienza
Leonardo Battista, PhD Candidate in European Law, University of Bologna

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