Master Lecture: Innovation in the Church of the Pope Francis

Apr 18 2016 - ore 18.00 - Bologna Business School - Villa Guastavillani, Via degli Scalini 18 - Bologna

Matteo Maria Zuppi, Metropolitan Archibishop of Bologna, meets the Community of BBS to talk about the powerful innovations of Francis’ pontificate.

In just two years, Pope Francis has taught us a great lesson: It’s important to act. Start cultivating the right leadership style now, and you’ll begin writing your legacy today, rather than waiting for it to catch up with you later.

Pope Francis is the first to bring a wave of innovation into the Church, both in language and the way of communication, proving to be at the forefront and to welcome with open mind the technological progress. He speaks of the Net as a “gift from God” and uses advanced technological equipment (Sony F55 4K camera). He is also the first Pope holding a virtual online Mass: on Easter of 2013, in fact, more than 4 million users of Banjo (the leading geolocation platform for feed sharing from the most popular social networks) were able to attend virtually the Easter Mass celebrated by Pope Francis. Even self-portraits taken with him have become, for the first time in history, viral images on the web.

With little gestures, Pope Francis has simplified the way of communication and got the Church closer to its people.

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