Business Reinvention in (post)-pandemic age

Jun 25 2020 - 6.30pm - Via Microsoft Teams

An online Masterclass is held on Thursday, June 25 at 6.30pm to talk about the redefinition of business models in the post-emergency era.

The session, of the duration of reception, will be held by the Directors of the International Executive MBA of Bologna Business School Riccardo Silvi, Full Professor of Business Economics at the University of Bologna and Andrea Pia, VP Sales & Marketing Italy at AKQA.

Big data, smart-working and new business models are redesigning the strategies of companies and consequently the innovation processes, with important changes related to the sustainability and digitalization of companies.

We are facing a new context full of challenges, critical issues and opportunities, and this virtual meeting will be an opportunity to understand together which direction to take, involving those who want to take an active part in the change taking place.

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