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Andrea Pia is the Chief Growth Officer and a board member of AKQA Italy. He has been a co-founder of H-ART (now AKQA), one of the most successful startups born in H-FARM in 2005 and sold to WPP Group in 2009. He has worked with the most innovative companies and Internet pioneers (Dada, H-FARM, H-ART, and Accenture). Since 2016 he has been Executive Director of the Executive MBA English Edition and adjunct professor at Bologna Business School. He teaches digital platforms and infrastructure, digital marketing and communication, and digital culture in sales & marketing. His strong passion for information technology and communication led him to graduate in 2001 with a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Padua. He began his professional career within the Dada Group, a Florentine company that pioneered the Internet in Italy in the E-business Solution (EBS) division. In 2005 he joined Accenture as an expert consultant to follow the development of innovative projects based on broadband technologies. In 2007 he joined H-FARM, where he co-founded H-ART.



CORE COURSE – The module aims at providing the methodological knowledge base on the digital activities that companies adopt during the planning and selling stages. In particular: how a digital campaign is created, how the target audience is reached, how results are measured. The accent will be on search engines, social media and online reputation.

The course is designed in order to give the participants the tools to carry out their final project work. Participants will be divided into groups.

With a data driven approach, at the end of this module, participants should be able to identify a business idea, to turn it into a business opportunity, presenting a value proposition, eventually creating the adequate business model to meet both business and organizational needs.

Specifically, starting from the definition of success, the course aims at providing the knowledge for enabling the appropriate management strategy to define deliverables and planning activities, foreseeing the resources needed to achieve project objectives.

Executive MBA English edition

Detailed explanation of Digital Platforms and underlying reasons for adopting them in a business environment. Strategic and innovative technical details as microservices and API management will be exposed to provide a full picture of which are the key features that make a digital platform really valuable and effective for an organization. The key capabilities of an omnichannel platform will be illustrated. The course will provide to participants the standard tools used to select software and solutions that best fit a specific application. Participants will play with a high-level general-purpose solution (IFTTT) to better understand how much easy is to create new services on top of open platforms. The platform business model fundamentals will be provided to give a full understanding of what make a digital platform a digital business ecosystem.

Executive MBA English edition

The digital age has brought with it the proliferation of channels and technologies which in turn have radically changed the context in which marketers find themselves operating. It is therefore necessary to update the way in which marketing is understood and thought up to the digital age.

The course illustrates the new skills and marketing skills to be introduced: data and analytics, customer experience, content, omni-channels and personalization.

Executive MBA English edition

The growing spreading of technology in everyday life that we have witnessed in the last few years has created new consumers who are increasingly the protagonists of what could be defined as a “digital revolution”. This evolution forces companies to rethink their strategy. The course aims at providing methodological knowledge on the strategies and the digital activities that companies put in place in the planning and sales stages. In particular: how to create a digital campaign, how to reach a target audience and, most of all, how to measure results. The focus will be on search engines, social media and online reputation.

Sales and Marketing

The value of a digital transformation is to be found in the creation of connected organizations, able to provide goods and services in an increasingly efficient and effective way, ensuring the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and stakeholders. To support the company Business Model, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, systems are considered, together with the necessary tools to analyze data, in order to guarantee a good decision-making process (Business Intelligence). In addition, tools are provided to understand the software development techniques and the control of the Total Cost of Ownership

Hybrid MBA

The project work is developed in groups and on real cases (Companies from the BBS Business Network or companies proposed by participants). It is a comprehensive endeavor involving two distinct phases. In the first part, we focus on analyzing a specific business challenge and identifying AI-based solutions. The second part is dedicated to the practical development and implementation of an AI prototype to address the identified challenge. Throughout the project, we aim to provide valuable insights, actionable strategies, and a functioning AI solution to enhance business operations.


Artificial Intelligence for Business