Embracing Change for a Brighter Future: The 4th Edition of the Hybrid MBA Kicks Off

10 October 2023

September 30 marked the beginning of a new chapter for students who participated in the kick-off of the fourth edition of the Hybrid MBA.

Hosted in the historic Villa Guastavillani, the event was filled with activities designed to give them a taste of what will be an intense, transformative journey.

The day began with a welcome speech from Scientific Director Franco Visani. Visani, an Associate Professor of Business Economics at the University of Bologna, is also the Associate Dean for Open Programs at BBS and has been recognized multiple times as the best teacher in various Master’s programs. In his opening speech, the Director emphasized the transformative power of a program like the MBA, aimed at “those who want to change: change their skills, their role, their company, or all three.” There is nothing wrong with wanting to change, Visani said, “In fact, ‘Change doesn’t always mean improvement, but to improve, one must change‘ is a famous quote you can make your own.” He added that over three-quarters of the graduates from the first edition have either changed companies or improved their role within the same company, encouraging the new group to aim for the same goal.

The day also included an ice-breaking activity led by Visani and a session on Leadership, Mentoring, and Soft Skills by Eugenio Sidoli, CEO of Max Mara S.r.l. Sidoli is an exceptional guest and an entrepreneurial leader with a long international career and uncommon experience, including active participation in numerous social development and education initiatives.

Visani concluded by highlighting the collaborative nature of the program. “The good news is that the outcome is in your hands; you don’t depend on others. Your passion, determination, and perseverance will be your best companions on this beautiful, complicated journey. That doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. Your peers will be your first source of support and inspiration. The more you can form a group among yourselves, even through online lessons, the more you will be able to lighten the burdens of the journey.” Finally, he promised on behalf of the school: “Your Director, the entire staff, all the teachers and tutors have only one goal: to help you at every step of your journey.


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