Executive MBA

Bologna Business School‘s MBAs are study paths dedicated to professionals who wish to expand their skills to develop managerial tools for a specific function, business area or sector. The curricula are aimed at entrepreneurs and managers wishing to update their knowledge to strengthen their skills and aspire to improve their career paths to reach apical and strategic roles for the company.


Executive MBA (EMBA): leadership, systemic vision able to influence the entire company, innovation. A path designed for executives and entrepreneurs who aspire to the top roles in the business world. Average age 44.

Duration: 18-20 months | Language: ITALIAN | Format: PART-TIME, WEEKEND


Executive MBA English Edition: focus on internationalization of business. Core courses, Focus Session. 52 weeks of Distance Learning and residential. Hackathon, Project Work and International Week: an exceptional educational experience that looks overseas. Average age 36 years.

Duration 18-20 months | Language: ENGLISH | Format: PART-TIME, HYBRID