Elena Maria Colombo, Global MBA: “My Career Development Retreat in Bertinoro, between networking, history and nature”

21 June 2019

My name is Elena Maria Colombo, and last September my journey at BBS began with the Global MBA Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods, which recently included an intensive 2-day Career Development Retreat at the Bertinoro University Center.

A unique opportunity for confrontation that allowed me to consolidate relations with my colleagues, through an exchange of experiences and points of view, welcomed by the relaxed atmosphere of the Rocca Vescovile. The location, a medieval fortress from the 10th century that stands on the top of the Bertinoro hill, was the ideal setting for us to “unplug” from the multiple project works and return in class with new ideas and a renewed energy. During the two days in Bertinoro, we took part in speeches and group activities that allowed us to better define our path after the MBA. The speakers have in fact offered us perspectives and critical tools to analyze two different scenarios that will unfold for us after the training period: on the one hand a career in a company and on the other an entrepreneurial project, to which is added a third way composed by them both.

During the retreat, interesting round tables on Entrepreneurship and Career Building alternated, held by BBS alumni, now Managers and CEOs at the top of well-known Italian companies, of which I have particularly appreciated the transparency and passion with which they carry out their jobs and communicate them to the public.

There was no shortage of fun moments, such as the piadina course in collaboration with the Casa Artusi Association, which tested our skills as skilled cooks…and tasters!

I’ve always been a very curious person. It fascinates me to discover different cultures from my own and to understand their characteristics, and it is for this reason that I approached the study of Chinese language and culture, first with a Bachelor’s degree in Oriental Languages ​​and then with a two-year Master’s degree abroad. My academic and professional career has been characterized by long stays in foreign countries, especially in Asia, then in Holland and finally in Switzerland. I worked for some luxury brands in fashion and design, starting with an experience in retail, up to dealing with development and strategy in Travel Retail.

In my eyes, obtaining a Master in Business Administration has always represented an important academic recognition to be translated into a concrete job opportunity. So, when I learned that Bologna Business School was offering the Global MBA with a focus on areas of Italian excellence such as design, fashion, food & wine and automotive, I decided to take the opportunity to deepen my knowledge, specializing in the field of luxury.

Every day at Villa Guastavillani is different: there are days of lectures with the International Faculty of BBS, moments of group work, company presentations, meetings with entrepreneurs and professionals, Career Days and the possibility of constant networking. I believe that every moment is precious to build one’s future and one’s professional figure. I must recognize that in particular with project work in teams I am learning to face each project with curiosity and productivity, relating to different cultures, thanks to the multicultural environment BBS.

Regarding my professional future, I would like to continue my career in the Luxury sector, becoming part of a multinational company to manage its international sales network. The support of the BBS Career Service is fundamental in this, active in the search for internship opportunities among the companies of the vast Business Network of the School, but also in the activation of new collaborations with companies in line with the aspirations of the students. However, the proactivity of us students remains the key to the success of the research and selection process.



Elena Maria Colombo – Italy

Global MBA Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods – Class of 2018/2019


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